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Reference Number : JOB000421 | Posted Date : 26/02/2019
Completion Engineer
Middle East - United Arab Emirates
Expiry Date : 30/04/2019
Job Summary
Category : Exploration and Production
Location Details : Abu Dhabi
Minimal experience required : More than 15 Years
Required Skills & Certificates :

  • B.Sc. or higher degree in petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, math or physics with good grasp of engineering and economical evaluation concept. 
  • Minimum 15-20 years experience in petroleum engineering activities in the oil industry, with minimum experience of 10 years in well modelling & completion designs.
  • Fluent use of near wellbore simulators including pre and post-processors. 
  • Experience in ECLIPSE suite of programs is an advantage.

Short Description :
Description of Job Opening :

  • Review field development plans: Wells requirements, production & injection profiles
  • Identify potential technologies to reduce number of wells, provide better reservoir management & reduce cost. 
  • Conduct detailed modelling of well completion components such as ICDs and swell packers to assess various lower completion designs aiming to control excessive water / gas production, thus, maintaining longer oil production plateau
  • Assess & propose upper completion designs
  • Evaluate subsurface risks, identify potential operational issues & propose future studies with cost estimate
  • Propose technical specifications for new requirements on wells and surface facilities, with due consideration of existing facilities and well completion schemes/strategies

Remarks :