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Reference Number : JOB000428 | Posted Date : 31/03/2019
Material Corrosion Manager
Middle East - United Arab Emirates
Expiry Date : 31/05/2019
Job Summary
Category : Engineering, Procurement & Construction
Location Details : Abu Dhabi
Minimal experience required : More than 15 Years
Required Skills & Certificates :

Minimum Requirements


a)    B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent chartered engineer in appropriate discipline

b)    20 years of minimum experience with at least 15 years in a professional corrosion and inspection engineering role in addition to 5-year supervisory role in corrosion and inspection engineering experience in the oil refining or petrochemical industry.

c)    Demonstrated Leadership roles with identifiable achievements and contribution toward integrity in Oil & Gas facilities.

d)    Possess current knowledge of best practices in integrity assessment, including experience in Risk Based Inspection, Root Cause Analysis and Fitness-for-Service.

e)    Good spoken and written English.

f)     Either NACE specialist certified or API inspection certified


Short Description : Participates in setting and Implements the Corrosion and Inspection Management Strategies in the company assets and maintains policies updated with latest industry best practices to ensure implementation of Risk Based Inspection, Inspection Planning and timely execution, internal and external corrosion prevention measures, as well as coordinating integrity assessments, Fitness-for-Service and remnant life assessment of critical equipment.
Description of Job Opening :



1.     Leads the implementation of the Corrosion and Inspection Policies and procedures and performs as Technical Authority to prevent failures by loss of containment in pressure equipment and piping and other mechanical structures as established in Company Asset Integrity and Reliability Management System.

2.     Plans, directs and supervises the activities of a team of multi discipline engineers in the field of mechanical inspection, QA/QC, corrosion monitoring, cathodic protection, and metallurgical advice, to provide efficient inspection services.

3.     Control and supervises the expenditure of Normal Revenue Budget of the department. 

4.     Administers, and implements the integrated Quality Control policy during trains overhaul, and ensure Shutdown Contractor’s compliance.

5.     Inform Management on status of Inspection Compliance through monthly reports with Key Performance Indicators representative of all areas such as percentage of inspection completion, overdue inspections, piping leaks, R&Rs issued, overdue PSV inspections, corrosion rates, CP potential protection levels, budget compliance, etc.

6.     Alert Management of integrity threats by issuing monthly Integrity Advice Note and work with other Departments to resolve the concerns.

7.     Plans and coordinates Root-Cause-Analysis (RCA) and Fitness for Service (FFS) assessment and proposes replacement plans for pressure equipment and piping.

8.     Promotes a consistent level of communication with all Departments to ensure highest quality of work, in a culture of innovation, creativity and efficiency as well as ensuring that adequate resources are available to accomplish asset integrity and reliability objectives

9.     Attends the maintenance meetings and informs Maintenance & Engineering Managers of any deficiency or anomalies that requires Maintenance immediate action. 

10.  Advises Management on new policies for Engineering Inspection, and assesses the relevancy of the latest methods and techniques for condition monitoring.

11.  Reviews the status of the Plant Cathodic protection systems, identifies deficiencies and develops the necessary rectification measures.

12.  Provides opportunities for training and development of employees under his direction (with emphasis on UAE Nationals) and assesses their progress, this includes on-the-job training, counseling and proper work delegation.


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