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Reference Number : JOB000435 | Posted Date : 04/07/2019
Drilling Fluids Engineer
Middle East - United Arab Emirates
Expiry Date : 31/08/2019
Job Summary
Category : Drilling
Location Details : Abu Dhabi
Minimal experience required : 6 - 10 Years
Required Skills & Certificates :

Minimum Qualification

·        Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineer or equivalent

Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills

·        6 years of experience, including at least

Short Description : Assess quality assurance & quality control of drilling fluids chemicals and additives to ensure the performance as per oilfield standards
Description of Job Opening :

·        Monitor and control quality assurance of all drilling and completion chemicals and brines. Maintain proper QA-QC records.

·        Carry out spot checks of chemicals in stores, supplier stores, service company stores & rigs and brines at the brine plant.  Verify proper storage, handling & house-keeping procedures, HSE procedures and documents control are followed.

·        Liaise with Commercial division and stores to ensure sufficient safety stock of chemicals is maintained at stores.  Monitor chemical consumption patterns and investigates any abnormalities.  Establish quarterly chemical requirements based on planned types of wells.

·        Maintain checks on performance of Service Company formulations through lab pilot tests.

·        Investigate chemical quality discrepancies and implement corrective actions.  Follow-up with suppliers to ensure compliance.

·        Involve in trouble-shooting drilling problems, suggest solutions and recommendations.  Perform pilot tests at the lab as required for trouble-shooting drilling problems.

·        Maintain close liaison with other OPCOs lab to ensure proper QA-QC of all Price Agreement chemicals’ per-life samples.  Verify that proper sampling procedures are followed.

·        Monitor all HSE procedures are followed with respect to chemicals.  Ensure usage of only environment friendly chemicals.  Strive continually to reduce chemical waste and improve company’s waste management procedures.

·        Perform periodical audits of supplier stores.  This includes per-qualification, tender evaluation, mobilization and regular HSE & quality audits.  Issue audit reports.

·        Participate in technical evaluations of Joint OPCOs’ tenders for chemicals.  Liaise with other OPCOs when required.

·        Provide fluids input in the Well Value Assurance process of planning the well, wherever required to improve fluid performance.

·        Review and update Drilling Fluid manuals, chemical QA-QC manual, Lab test procedures manual, chemical specifications, chemical HSE procedures, Joint OPCOs’ chemical procedures manual.

·        Perform pilot studies on new fluid formulations, new chemicals, new technology products, Service Company / Manufactures’ proposals.  This includes both technical evaluations and lab tests.  Participate in implementing trials and issue trial evaluation report.

·        Review fluid reports, well recaps, end of well reports and phase reports.  Monitor solids control equipment efficiency, analyse performance and make recommendations for their improvements.

·        Provide QA-QC support to Cement group as required.  This includes liaising with lab, suppliers & service companies to improve quality, investigate failures, trouble-shoot problems, etc.

·        Keep abreast with latest developments in fluids/ chemicals, assesses technically service company’s and chemical suppliers’ new offers, implement trials and assesses trial results, introduce innovative products & procedures to improve drilling performance.

·        Work in line with HSE policy, awareness and compliance of HSE rules and regulations.

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