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Reference Number : JOB000437 | Posted Date : 04/07/2019
Completions and Workovers Engineer
Middle East - United Arab Emirates
Expiry Date : 31/08/2019
Job Summary
Category : Drilling
Location Details : Abu Dhabi
Minimal experience required : 6 - 10 Years
Required Skills & Certificates :

·     Degree in relevant Engineering discipline such as Petroleum or Mechanical.

·     Minimum five years experience and knowledge of completion and workover engineering functions.

·     Minimum three years experience in offshore work related to completion and workover activities (Desired)

·     Computing skills including MS Office 

·     Knowledge of Drilling Information Management System (DIMS)

·     Safety training

·     Subsurface Engineering School or completions seminars (Completions and Workovers) 

·     Skills including:

o   Same base skills as Drilling Engineer (Desired)   

o   Tubing Design including movement calculations

o   Basic Completion Fluids Technology

o   Basic Cementing Technology

o   Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient Technology

o   Well Control Equipment and Procedures

o   Blowout Prevention Equipment and Testing

o   Tubular Goods Inspection

o   Completion and Workover Equipment Technology

o   Open hole and Cased Hole Logging

o   Directional Drilling

o   Coil Tubing Technology

o   Stimulation Technology and Procedures

o   Completions/Workover Problem Solving (Lost Returns, Stuck Pipe, Hole Instability)

o   Operations and Well Integrity

o   Well Value Assurance Process

o   Risk Assessment

o   Sour Environment Operations

o   Fundamental Geology

o   Fundamental Reservoir Engineering

o   Technical Writing

Short Description : The Completions and Workover Engineer is responsible for the timely design and preparation of each well completion and/or workover program in order to drill the right well right
Description of Job Opening :

·            Prepares Completion or Workover Programs. Works closely with other groups to assure the programs are based on all available information from nearby wells. The Completion or Workover Program must include, but is not limited to the following:

o   Application of standard operations procedures, best practices and lessons learned.  

o   Progress time and cost charts for the Completion or Workover phase

o   De-Completion program (well killing, tubing pulling, plug setting) for Workover

o   Christmas tree, tubing and downhole completion equipment to meet expected conditions and well integrity

o   Coiled Tubing applications

o   Stimulation program

o   Completions fluids program

o   Well testing program

o   Well evaluation program

o   Perforating program

·            Ensures that Company HSE policies, procedures, regulations and objectives are effectively implemented.

·            Prepares cost estimates and AFE’s for completions and workovers.

·            Participates as completion and workover representative in the Well Value Assurance process. Interacts with asset teams during well planning, execution and post-completion/workover review.

·            Provides rig site technical assistance to Completions and Workovers Supervisors during critical operations.

·            Trouble shoots operational and technical completion and workover problems.

·            Supervises make-up/testing of completion sub-assemblies in coordination with all concerned parties.

·            Conducts follow-up assessments of completion equipment selection and application.

·            Provides annual completion equipment and materials technical specifications/quantity requirements as requested.

·            Maintains close liaison with services companies’ engineers, and keeps abreast of recent developments in the area of well completion technology, equipment, practices, etc. Conducts studies on adaptability of such technology to ZADCO operations and makes appropriate recommendations.

·            Analyzes completion or workover performance and recommends changes in procedures and equipment based on findingsParticipates in industry organizations such as SPE, API and/or IADC.

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