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Principal Accountabilities:

  • Supervise the operation of the complete process plant and utilities in accordance with approved production programme/procedure and written or verbal instructions from his supervisors.
  • Diagnose the plant and equipment problems, put it up to concerned maintenance section, prepare for the safe maintenance, follow-up of maintenance activity & safe re-commissioning of the equipment.
  • Co-Chairs the daily coordination meeting of Production/Maintenance supervisors for reviewing the maintenance activities and identifying priority jobs.
  • Ensure personnel/U.A.E. nationals are trained to a level sufficient for them to satisfactorily conduct their duties and impart training whenever required.
  • Take necessary measures within standing orders to deal with planned and unforeseen plant operating fluctuations and keep personnel concerned with the process or other services informed of changes, seeking advice on the need for such changes as necessary.
  • Establish work programs and objectives for his subordinates and supervise them in the achievement of these; appraise performance of subordinates against agreed targets.
  • Keep informed on a continuing basis of the results of quality control tests carried out by the laboratory team during his shift, and take remedial action immediately in anomalies reported.
  • React to emergency situations when they occur, assess the situation, declare emergency, take corrective actions, shut down the plant partially or totally and coordinates fire-fighting actions with fire team. Restart the plant safely after the incident is under control and prepare a detailed report.
  • Ensure that all production procedures, safety and environment regulations are followed, and recommend modifications and improvements as necessary.
  • Maintain plant in good working condition including standby equipment. Initiate work request to various Maintenance departments giving priority of jobs to be performed, coordinate with all departments in daily meeting and plan for next days jobs. Clear work request after satisfactory job completion.
  • Authorize, by passing of safety locking device for any abnormal condition arising to keep plant running after ensuring safety of the equipment and other remedial actions.
  • Approve cold/hot work permits and complimentary permits for works to be performed. Ensure that all necessary procedures and standing orders are followed while the equipment is made ready for safe maintenance intervention.
  • Follow up plant performance review studies & initiating plant modifications.
  • For the new projects being implemented, review the P&IDs, give comments before the drawings are finalized and monitor construction & commissioning activities and ensure that these activities are carried out in accordance with the work permits issued.
  • Review specific logic checks and performance test of equipment new or existing, analyze data and take corrective action. Chemical additives: ensure the replacement of stocks of consumables.
  • Exercise supervision of contracted personnel engaged to keep plant areas clean and tidy.
  • Check the logbooks of Senior Panel and Senior Operators and compile own summary of main events, operating conditions, end of shift plant status and instructions of work to be carried out. Include calculating overall production balances and main figures related to oil and gas processing, storage, loading and quality control.
  • Assess the situation and prepare property damage report and injury report when there is accident and injury to the individual.
  • Monitor the on-going project jobs to check whether the work is improving safely as per the permit recommendations.
  • Carry out the job function in accordance with HSE commitment and policy to achieve strategic objectives and targets stipulated in Offshore HSE management system document.

Workshop Supervisor - Abu Dhabi


  • Ensure availability of required resources for workshop maintenance and repair, and schedule expectations to complete the job safely and in time.
  • Plan, schedule, supervise and execute installation, maintenance, repair and testing of a wide range of mechanical stationary equipment in workshop and plant to ensure equipment availability and safe operations.
  • Plan and supervise all piping/structures fabrication and repair of various parts in the workshop and site relating to metal craft, to ensure all the mechanical activities are in full compliance with HSE Management System, Integrity, Operation and Maintenance Procedure.
  • Determine extent of work required and priorities and provide technical advice to the various specified craft groups and assign work to subordinates with appropriate instructions.
  • Organize and ensure availability of the necessary equipment to carry out the work.
  • Inspect / follow up tasks progress and final completion, and provide report to ensure timely and quality job execution
  • Review drawings and sketches for work orders, to ensure accuracy specifications, measurements and materials.
  • Supervise the operation of the Tool Store to ensure required stock is available at all times.


Principal Accountabilities:

  • Accountable for the monitoring and control parameters of all process facilities including Oil, Gas, Water injection and Utilities. Addressing timely remedial actions to process alarms and plant upsets, ensuring safety of plant & personnel at all times are in compliance with site operating procedures.
  • Ensure that all Health, Safety and Environmental regulations are followed at site and that the associated departmental Key Performance Indicators; (KPI) Level 3 are delivered.
  • In an emergency situation, ensures the appropriate actions as per Company emergency procedures and contingency plans to safely shut down or partially shut down the affected plant are taken. Monitor fire & gas panel and interact with fire control center during failure of any plant protection system. Maintain communication with all stakeholders in accordance with ERP and PIPs or as emergency situation demands. Subsequently restore the Plant to normal operating conditions safely and efficiently.
  • Co-ordinate and provide expertise and 'hands on' support and guidance to Senior Panel operators in demanding operational situations ensuring all actions are in line with standard operating procedures, standing instructions & compliance with company's HSEMS policy and provides assistance as required to any of the control consoles in IFCC.
  • Support the development and training of U.A.E trainees and new panel operators. Ensures competency attainment of individuals are proficient for Plant process controls on process simulator to certify them to take over.
  • Provides guidance and support to newly integrated team members, monitoring and evaluating individuals providing feedback to improve the performance of IFCC.
  • Mentor and guide the individual performance and development of the senior panel operators and establish work programs and objectives for team subordinates and coach them in the achievement of this. Appraise performance of subordinates against these agreed objectives.
  • Communicate with Zakum field production personnel for any variation in parameters.
  • Responsible for monitoring the quality of products in the lab, taking necessary corrective actions when the lab analysis indicates deviation from standard norms.
  • Prepare Islands' "Daily Production Report", recording all the key activities that have occurred during the shift. Also prepares the "Daily Consumption Sheet" which indicates stock volumes of various utilities products i.e. diesel, water.
  • Coordinates start-up operations, optimizing control and shutdown of process sections in compliance with established procedures, standing instructions and best practices.
  • Closely monitors process parameters and plant efficiency, initiating changes where necessary through subordinate work teams.
  • Review project engineering packages and associated documents where applicable, providing added contribution at meetings.
  • Evaluate any non-routine activities by risk assessment and JSA prior to performing these activities.
  • Directly accountable for the safe management and operation of the IFCC operating facilities, assigned shift personnel and other maintenance technicians working within the control room. Compiles and records a daily log summary of the main shift events, including plant process conditions and any key events recorded within shift handover instructions. All key production figures related to oil and gas processing to also be included within daily log and handover.


Main Accountabilities and Duties:

  • Collaboration with service-users advising on the best options for catering services to meet particular needs including menu preparation and planning.
  • Daily / Weekly / monthly meeting with service provider to enhance service.
  • To monitor and review menu and mess facilities set-ups
  • Regular review of HACCP system of service provider (food preparation, storage, packing and transportation), to ensure compliance to all health and safety and food safety regulations.
  • Daily visit to all catering facilities and kitchens.
  • Plan and coordinate all aspects of catering, including meeting with service providers, service activities, sanitation.
  • Supervise staff during all aspects of catered events to ensure high quality service standards and presentations are met.
  • Meet with service-users to coordinate event-specific details and special requests and develop plan to fulfill or exceed expectations.
  • Use information on function sheets to coordinate food and beverage services for scheduled events.
  • Provide and communicate a layout / diagram of catering events, including details of table service.
  • Acquire and maintain knowledge of current food and catering trends.
  • To monitor and report back any issues relating to staff, food safety and health and safety.
  • To ensure that all documentation concerning food safety and health and safety is up to date and monitored.
  • To be fully aware of all facilities, affairs, and special events that are on-going or taking place within the organization.
  • Identify with and contribute to Company LNG values, mission, and social & welfare objectives.
  • Identify hazards and undertake appropriate risk assessments as required.
  • Recommend new methods, techniques, and procedures to improve operations. Implements established policies and procedures.
  • To be involved in any current / future projects, consulting and sharing ideas.
  • Assume and attend to other related responsibility as agreed with the management.
  • In charge of Company Managed Accommodations ration supply and ration distribution.
• Participate in / lead a team engaged in rescue / firefighting /emergency activities with the proper use of fire, safety and lifesaving equipment / systems. • Perform preventive maintenance on the various types of fire, safety and lifesaving equipment which includes complete checks, servicing, repairing and supervising contracted assistants while undertaking maintenance work. • Lead and Participate in regular safety firefighting / emergency drills and practical training/ emergency team members on the proper use of the fixed, portable and mobile firefighting equipment and systems. Provide guidance of fire, safety and Rescue to the On-Scene Commander. • Conduct periodical inspection on fixed extinguishing system (NOVEC, HALON, CO2, deluges, sprinklers, water, foam and dry powder). Inspect, test and maintain fire hoses, hydrants, monitors, isolation valves and couplings. • Ensure all the safety conditions and requirements are implemented. Leads the emergency team training. • Perform inspection and basic maintenance of the safety equipment; breathing apparatus, escape sets, portable gas monitors, safety harnesses and protective personal equipment. • Operate and test lifesaving equipment such as life boats, life raft in addition to their basic maintenance. Act, when required, as a life boat coxswain for evacuation of personnel during emergencies / drills. • Ensure all safety requirement and conditions are implemented prior and during hot works and critical / risky activities such as hot works on live equipment / pipelines, vessel entries, pigging operations, structure repairs, plant modification, etc.. • Conduct gas tests (combustibles, toxic and 02) to ensure gas free conditions are maintained during hot works / vessel entries. • Assist in practical training on the use of fire, safety and lifesaving equipment and prepare the breathing apparatus / escape sets ready for training and use. • Assist UAE developees to follow their training program. • Carry out other or similar related duties as directed by HSE TL in addition to maintaining the fire and safety workshop and stores. • Carry out administrative duties such as filling pre-designed forms and reports on fire/safety equipment maintenance, inspection, testing and inventory.

Technician Gas Turbine Control - Abu Dhabi

Carries out all control instruments (except Fire & Gas system) activities on gas turbines, water injection pumps and auxiliaries, such as maintenance, repair monitoring, testing, trouble shooting, reports on failed components, modules, cards, etc

Obtain work permits from Supervisor, examine faulty units and establish requirements for tools, parts and materials necessary to carry out the work

Carry out preventive and routine mechanical maintenance on gas turbines using correct tools and equipment

Participate in major overhauls and carry out all mechanical aspects of re- commissioning work

Issue comprehensive daily activity report outlining the cause of the fault, the nature of the work and the materials, labor and time taken to complete the task

Ensure that all tools and test equipment are kept clean and calibrated

Ensure that site emergency stock is kept at an acceptable level

Ensure all maintenance activities are conducted within Company standing instructions and procedures, and manufacturers guidelines

Observes and follow Company HSE Procedures to ensure work is carried out in a safe manner Exercise good housekeeping practices

Participates in UAE Nationals CDC Graduates development-as directed by Line Supervisor

• Receive instructions from supervisor; obtain specified materials, spare parts and tools. • Under the guidance of the Senior Technicians carry out inspection maintenance, repair and overhaul of a variety of heavy plant and equipment in accordance with Company standards, codes and practices. • Dismantle, repair or replace various equipment and reassemble either on site or in the workshop. Carry out appropriate final tests under supervision. • Ensure good house-keeping on the job site, and maintain all tools and equipment in good order. • May issue comprehensive daily activity reports outlining the cause of fault, the nature of the work and the materials, labour and time taken to complete the work. • Receive, identify and sort out incoming spare parts, components and consumables; prepare, tag and ship out-going mechanical maintenance freight. • Ensure that all maintenance activities are conducted within company standing instructions and procedures and good oil industry practice. • Observe and follow Company HSE Procedures to ensure work is carried out in a safe manner. Exercise good house-keeping practices.
Supervisor Lifting - Abu Dhabi

• Supervises the activities of assigned contracted personnel to ensure that their work is carried out correctly and to the required standards. Supervise and participates in the preventive maintenance and repair of all Lifting equipment and prepare for planned major overhauls, in close liaison with Senior Supervisor in order to minimize downtime and cost.
• Drafts work orders for approval and consult with Senior supervisor, to determine priorities in order to prepare a detailed daily work schedule.
• Liaises with relevant personnel in Production and Safety Departments to obtain work permits, and inform Senior Supervisor of any deviation from plan. Liaise with other sections involved in the work.
• Diagnose complex faults, analyze breakdowns and malfunctions in order to decide on equipment, tool and material requirements and to subsequently direct technicians.
• Identifies the need for spare parts, consumable and tools, and follow up material requisitions as required to ensure that adequate supplies are maintained for the task. Make recommendations concerning changes in stock levels or materials used depending on equipment performance.
• Ensures that all maintenance and technical documentation is completed correctly. Prepares regular work reports and specific technical reports when required.
• Supervises and organizes lifting operation as per maintenance activities requirement and boats movement and ensure that assigned personnel perform their work safely and according to standards and regulations.
• Keeps and maintains record of all maintenance activities on lifting equipment and loose gears and maintain an updated listing of all loose gears related to different sites.
• Ensures that all corrective actions related to statutory inspections are carried out without any delay and coordinates with other trades for implementation of same.
• Ensures that all loose gears used on different sites are in conformity with safety requirements, withdraw from use all suspected items and draft replacement requisition.
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