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Senior Mechanical Engineer - Abu Dhabi

Strong knowledge and experience in the application of maintenance & integrity mitigation technology, excellent understanding of engineering principles & mechanics, analytical thinking. Project management skill, time management, multi-tasking skill, problem solving skill, excellent communication and interpersonal skill, proficient in IT skill (MS Office)


-Plan & Schedule: Develop the annual and long-term maintenance plan for all ADOC facilities in line with company’s overall maintenance strategy. Coordinate and assist in the effective implementation of approved plans across ADOC facilities within set timeline and budget to facilitate uninterrupted operations.


-Budget & Cost Control: Develop and seek approvals for the maintenance budget of all Mechanical equipment within ADOC, based on annual maintenance plans and coordinates all related activities to ensure they are carried out in compliance with the approved budget and time line.


-Tendering Process: Prepare tender documents for all requirements within the section and participate in the technical evaluation/verification of contractors/suppliers during the tendering process to facilitate effective selection of contractors to suit project requirements. Coordinate with the Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC/ADNOC through competent authority for seeking approvals on contracts with selected vendor/suppliers/service providers to ensure quality and cost effecting third party support to the Company.


-Supervision of Contracts: In the event of outsourcing of any relevant installation and maintenance activities, ensure effective coordination and monitoring of contractor staff and thereby facilitate timely completion of tasks as per required Quality/HSE standards. Monitor the quality of material equipment and technical skills deployed in maintenance and installation services provided by external contractors to ensure reliability, integrity and phased acceptance of their work in the relevant quality standard.
HSE Officer - Abu Dhabi
Excellent Communication Skills. General understanding of the UAE Oil and Gas Industry. English Fluent speaking with excellent writing skills. Valid UAE Driving License (Light). NEBOS IGC/IOSH accredited certification. Good knowledge of Mechanical Engineering.
HSE Engineer - Abu Dhabi

-NEBOSH IGC/IOSH accredited certification


-Good English, writing, reading and speaking and good computer knowledge.

Material Corrosion Manager - Abu Dhabi



1.     Leads the implementation of the Corrosion and Inspection Policies and procedures and performs as Technical Authority to prevent failures by loss of containment in pressure equipment and piping and other mechanical structures as established in Company Asset Integrity and Reliability Management System.

2.     Plans, directs and supervises the activities of a team of multi discipline engineers in the field of mechanical inspection, QA/QC, corrosion monitoring, cathodic protection, and metallurgical advice, to provide efficient inspection services.

3.     Control and supervises the expenditure of Normal Revenue Budget of the department. 

4.     Administers, and implements the integrated Quality Control policy during trains overhaul, and ensure Shutdown Contractor’s compliance.

5.     Inform Management on status of Inspection Compliance through monthly reports with Key Performance Indicators representative of all areas such as percentage of inspection completion, overdue inspections, piping leaks, R&Rs issued, overdue PSV inspections, corrosion rates, CP potential protection levels, budget compliance, etc.

6.     Alert Management of integrity threats by issuing monthly Integrity Advice Note and work with other Departments to resolve the concerns.

7.     Plans and coordinates Root-Cause-Analysis (RCA) and Fitness for Service (FFS) assessment and proposes replacement plans for pressure equipment and piping.

8.     Promotes a consistent level of communication with all Departments to ensure highest quality of work, in a culture of innovation, creativity and efficiency as well as ensuring that adequate resources are available to accomplish asset integrity and reliability objectives

9.     Attends the maintenance meetings and informs Maintenance & Engineering Managers of any deficiency or anomalies that requires Maintenance immediate action. 

10.  Advises Management on new policies for Engineering Inspection, and assesses the relevancy of the latest methods and techniques for condition monitoring.

11.  Reviews the status of the Plant Cathodic protection systems, identifies deficiencies and develops the necessary rectification measures.

12.  Provides opportunities for training and development of employees under his direction (with emphasis on UAE Nationals) and assesses their progress, this includes on-the-job training, counseling and proper work delegation.


ERD Drilling Supervisor - Abu Dhabi

Principal Accountabilities

·        Provides day-to-day on-site leadership and supervision of drilling, completions and work over operations.

·        Ensures that Company HSE policies, procedures, regulations and objectives are effectively implemented.

·        Responsible for strict adherence to all Company system, procedures, standards, safety rules and regulations by all Company personnel and contractors on-site.

·        Responsible for clear and concise reporting of all well site drilling activities such as daily drilling reports, material transfers and safety meetings, and capture of lessons learned.

·        Responsible for reporting, investigations and follow-up of all accidents and near misses on-site and effective/lasting closure.

·        Responsible for performing site emergency plans and organizes regular emergency exercises and drills on-site and timely reporting on DDR.

·        Responsible for rig moves and rig positioning with proper Risk assessment and mitigation plans.

·        Primary contact with rig and third-party personnel at the rig site to ensure operations are performed in accordance with the drilling program in a safe and cost-effective manner.

·        Organizes and orders the necessary services and equipment to conduct operations

·        Ensures safe and timely return of equipment and surplus materials to Company stores upon completion of well operations

·        Responsible for HSE procedures being continuously enforced, and for making effective decisions in emergency situations. Ensures that safety regulations and practices are respected and followed by all personnel in Rig site including drilling contractor and Services Company employees.

·        Ensures operations comply with the Standard Drilling Instructions (SDI) and Drilling Safety Instructions (DSI) Manuals and SIMOPS procedures

·        Regularly inspects rig and third-party equipment for adequate maintenance. Maintains inventory of all equipment/materials/supplies and spare parts and report in DDR.

·        Ensures potential pollution control problems are considered and relative contingency plans are understood by rig and third-party personnel.

·        Ensures that safety drills/test are conducted on rig site as per company plan and procedures and reported. Investigates accidents/incidents and follows-up on action plan until fully closed.

·        Liaises with Field Production for island site inspections prior to rig move. Ensures safe handover of well area of island at beginning and completion of drilling activities (SIMOPS)

·        Ensures assigned relief is well informed (hand-over notes) of current situation and agrees with plans developed/implemented. Ensure all instructions to Rig Manager is via written instructions

·        Ensures effectiveness of onsite risk assessments and implements mitigations and follow up actions.

·        Cooperates with the Island Drilling Engineering Team in the development of ERD Operations Manuals.

·        Montors less experienced Drilling Supervisors and Engineers.

·        Relieves for the Island Drilling Operations Team Leader as needed

Database Administrator - Abu Dhabi

Core Responsibilities:

·        Assess and cultivate long-term strategic goals for database development in conjunction with end users, managers, clients, and other stakeholders.

·        Develop database architectures, coding standards, and quality assurance policies and procedures.

·        Analyze user requirements and, based on findings, design functional specifications for client/server databases and database applications.

·        Create models for new database development and/or changes to existing ones.

·        Install and configure relevant network components to ensure database access as well as database consistency and integrity.

·        Develop automated database applications, where necessary, using the applicable database packages.

·        Identify data entry, retrieval, change, and delete issues, and work to ensure a high level of data availability.

·        Work with project managers to ensure that data entry, retrieval, change and delete functions meet business requirements for project completion.

·        Plan and implement capacity and resource expansion to ensure scalability of company databases.

·        Identify inefficiencies in current databases and leverage solutions.

·        Install and configure relevant components to ensure database access

·        Diagnose and resolve database access and performance issues.

·        Design and deploy data table structures, forms, reports, and queries.

·        Perform cost estimates for data migration to new databases during upgrades, and plan and coordinate these migrations.

·        Assist with the design of redundant systems, policies, and procedures for disaster recovery to ensure effective availability, protection, and integrity of data assets.

·        Evaluate and select database components, including hardware, relational database management systems, metadata management tools, and database design solutions.

·        Conduct research and make recommendations on database products, services, protocols, and standards in support of procurement and development efforts.

·        Monitor database system details within the database, including stored procedures and execution time, and implement efficiency improvements.

·        Design and implement redundant systems, policies, and procedures for disaster recovery and data archiving to ensure effective protection and integrity of data assets.

  • Mentor and/or provide leadership to junior members of the team.


Mechanical Engineer - Abu Dhabi


Reviews Client's technical documentation and requirements.

Controls of subcontracted discipline engineering documents.

Defines engineering requirements.

Prepares the technical documentation for Mechanical (static and rotating) and systems requisitions and performs the technical evaluations.

Provides technical support to Project group.

Optimizes mechanical equipment ensuring minimal cost and simplification in compliance with the required performance.

Prepares specifications development for the mechanical items (vessels, tanks, pumps, compressors, …)

Calculates Mechanical equipment based on international standards (API, ASME; …)

Prepares Mechanical data sheets and Settling Plans

Collection and preparation of Asset Registers and Item Specifications related to mechanical items

Development of Maintenance Working Instructions and related standard procedures

Development of Safety Plans

Creation of Spare Parts List, Consumables and Special Tools required to execute maintenance activity

Development of Operating Manuals, Maintenance Manuals and Procedures

Marine Engineer Lecturer - Abu Dhabi

  •  Teach, train and assess on courses as agreed with the Head of Faculty
  •  To be Instructor to students as required and to deliver tutorials in line with the Academy Tutorial Policy
  •  Support the Head of Maritime Short courses and simulator as required
  •  Ensure students are correctly enrolled with the Academy and awarding bodies
  •  Maintain course records, and prepare schemes of work, lesson plans and assessment plans
  •  Pay due attention to the principles of effective learning, learning styles, equality of opportunity, differentiation and support for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities
  • Maintain records of progress and co-ordinate reporting to interested parties
  • Contribute to curriculum development and learning resources
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of developments in maritime Simulator courses
  • Develop and maintain and co-ordinate effective industrial links
  • Organize and participate in relevant industrial visits if required
  • Attend, contribute to and co-ordinate where necessary relevant Academy events, including guidance, enrollment, open events, Sponsors Meetings and Awards Ceremonies as appropriate
  • Participate, as a team member, in the development of teaching methods and strategies towards an ethos of continuing improvement
  • Carry out Quality Assurance and Self-Assessment procedures in line with the Academy’s Quality Policy
  • Contribute to the Department of Maritime short courses and simulator Plans
  • Participate in the Academy’s Teaching Observation Scheme
  • To present the Academy in the best light at all times and ensure that all areas of personal activity comply with standards laid down by the Academy and relevant outside agencies and organizations.
  • To update Head of Marine Engineer Department on discrepancies/ recommendations to improve course content/ format.
  • To maintain and comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System (QMS)
  • To maintain and comply with the Training Management System (TMS)
  • Implement and improve best training practices and procedures to improve the TMS;
  • To carry out all duties with due regard to Health and Safety Regulations
  • Undertake professional development and training to contribute to individual and Academy development as agreed through the Academy Performance Appraisal Scheme process
  • Carry out all duties with due regard to Health and Safety Regulations
  • Ensure compliance with the Financial Regulations of the Academy
  • To positively promote equality of opportunity for staff and students
  • To carry out other duties as may reasonably be required from time to time if is required.

Completion Engineer - Abu Dhabi

  • Review field development plans: Wells requirements, production & injection profiles
  • Identify potential technologies to reduce number of wells, provide better reservoir management & reduce cost. 
  • Conduct detailed modelling of well completion components such as ICDs and swell packers to assess various lower completion designs aiming to control excessive water / gas production, thus, maintaining longer oil production plateau
  • Assess & propose upper completion designs
  • Evaluate subsurface risks, identify potential operational issues & propose future studies with cost estimate
  • Propose technical specifications for new requirements on wells and surface facilities, with due consideration of existing facilities and well completion schemes/strategies

Lead Electrical Engineer - Abu Dhabi

  • Receives Project documentation and understands Scope of Work related to his discipline.
  • Report to Commissioning Team Leader as per project Organization chart.
  • Lead a team to undertake commissioning activities in small projects.
  • Interfaces with other disciplines to ensure integration of activities.
  • Implement & test the subsystems as per project commissioning test sheets.
  • Preparation of method statements, procedures and routines where required.
  • Interface towards Precommissioning and Company personnel.
  • Reports on work progress, bringing to notice potential problems or delays and recommends solutions.
  • Assist during the database preparation for precommissioning status index and commissioning technical database.
  • Plan, Monitor and assist in Vendor activities as required.
  • Ensure temporary supplies and commissioning spares are adequate for the subsystem testing.
  • Perform inter-discipline checks.
  • Compliance in accordance with HSE Standard.

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